Barely out of my first studio album, called Magaya, in December 2011, I racked my brain to find a new universe to explore for my second one. In fact, this task was pretty easy. I wanted to immerse myself in the magical and enchanting world of a friend of mine: an artist/painter named Thierry Walgraffe. I really wanted to pay tribute to Thierry, to thank him for having drawn the cover of Magaya.

My inspiration for themes of Tales of Walgraffe came from various fantasy movies, but also from Celtic and Irish music, which I really love. If I was a painter, then I would tell you that harps, violins and wind instruments were the brushes I used to create the atmosphere of my new album.

I moved to the Ardennes in the south-east of Belgium to stimulate my imagination. Here’s hoping that you too will enter another dimension, different from ours, where the wildest stories come to life and fancies guide you. Discover a new path: Tales of Walgraffe…


Tales of Walgraffe is now available on iTunes, Amazon and CDBaby.